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About Us

SCR is a venue for those looking to celebrate their vows with a Christ-centered ceremony. We are a family built and run wedding venue serving couples from all over Texas and across the country!

We give you Friday starting at 9 am to spend the whole day decorating and transforming the Barn into your grandest vision. Then Saturday you can start getting ready as early as 7 am in our bridal room and your vendors can come in and never be rushed. Your rental ends at 10 am on Sunday so everyone can go home after the reception and come back the next day to gather all your things and clean up (or have us do it).

This is how we've always done it because we can't imagine doing it any other way. How are you supposed to take a breath when you have a 10 hour or even 12-hour rental? We don't know, so we give you as much time as possible and as a result, SCR weddings are always unique and beautiful. We also have Sunday options and weekday packages as well.

Plus we love helping our couples navigate the planning process. We do this as a family for the joy of serving others. We are here as your regional experts for all your wedding-related needs from lodging, vendors, directions, timelines, you name it. We provide you as many tools, tips, and advice as we can before you even ask for it.